Necklace talisman for protection with taweez

This neckalce is made with tiger eye gemstone. This is the stone of energy,luck and protection,it makes you brave and with clear mind. Brings positive thinking and self-esteem.

Necklace talisman for protection with taweez

Under the stone we have putted silver stripe with several of sacred magic squares used in taweez for protection and we put polymer resin over it for best protection of the taweez.

This necklace is used for Protection from:

1. black magic and jinns
2. again evil eye
3. against calamities and distasters
4. when going to war - for safe return
5. against killing, bullets, knifes
6. again illness
7. against robbers

There is no matter who is the barer of the necklace talisman- male or female. It works for the two genders.

As much as you wear this necklace, its powers will grow.

This here is a solution for everyone who wants to make something with his life!

It`s price is 60 US dollars including worldwide shipping!

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