Necklace for money with taweez

This necklace is made with ametyst stone – it calms down and protects from misfortunes and troubles.

Under the stone we have putted silver stripe with several of sacred taweez for wealth and money and put polymer resin, so nothing can damage it.


necklace with taweez

With this necklace, your financial situation will get better with every single day, your debts will become smaller. You will make money easier and faster. There will be new job opportunities for you. With the time your sallary will be raised, if you have a shop – you will have more clients.

The necklace works for male or female. As much as you wear it, its powers will grow!

It`s price is 60 US dollars including worldwide shipping!




Combined taweez – for wealth, success, business, health and against black magic

Do you need money or a good job? Or you want to open the doors for luck to come in your life! Maybe you want to be healthy?

Or protected from disasters, evil eye, black magic? If you got a nasty coworker which is troubling you or people are spreading lies about you at your workplace.

Maybe you have a shop or somekind of business and want to expand your wealth? Or want success in every desired field?

This item is made in a specific period of the arabic month with certain rituals and procedures so it can be best empowered for your needs!

Here is our combined talisman – taweez for wealth, success, business, health and against black magic

It`s price is only 25 US dollars including worldwide shipping!


Talisman – taweez for separation, hate and divorce

Your husband left you and go to another woman?

He made you suffer and you want a revenge?!

Or maybe the person you want to separate the person you love with his partner?

This taweez will break any haram relationship!


taweez to break up couple



To make this item send us with the contact form the first names of the man and woman in the couple and their mother names!If not possible to provide the mother names or you can`t put the taweez near the couple, we suggest to see the ritual section.

It`s price is only 35 US dollars including worldwide shipping!



Talisman – taweez for revenge and suffering

Do you hate somebody? Is there someone who make you cry?

Someone who ruined your life? And you want a revenge? You want him to suffer?

There is nothing to be ashamed of! It is normal for us – humans!

And this is your chance to watch your enemy or the man who betrayed you how is suffering!


taweez for revenge

It`s price is only 45 US dollars including worldwide shipping!


Taweez for love and love back

Taweez-talisman for return lost love


You are separated with your partner but you still love him and want a second chance?

Or maybe You like a girl but she didn`t respond to your signals?
She is in your dreams day and night, but in the reality she doesn`t notice you!

This individual talisman – taweez will help you melt the ice with the person you`re in love, neither it is man or woman!

To make this taweez, you have to send us with the contact form your name,your mother name, the name of your beloved and the name of his mother.If you don`t know the mother name – check our ritual section.

Deer wealth taweez

This taweez is made on a deer skin with a roohani saffron ink in special period of the lunar month, so we can charge it greatly with the divine powers.

By carrying this talisman-taweez , your sustenance will overflow, you will have great success in business and also all kinds of failures will be rejected.

It’s price is 50 US dollars including worldwide shipping!

Ultimate most POWERFUL talisman – taweez for wealth and money

The poverty is crushing you and there is no way out from taxes and expenses!
Everybody wants money from you, but you just can`t handle with everything!
You just don`t have money!
You want to have a descent or even a luxury life, to have an excellent paid job or to prosper with a boom?

taweez for money

This here is our biggest and most powerful weapon for gaining wealth / money / finding a job / successful business, even for winning in lottery!

We made this arabic talisman-taweez in certain time period of the month, using the best islam mystic practices, to achieve maximum effect of the item!

It`s price is only 45 US dollars including worldwide shipping!

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