Taweez multipurpose scarf

This scarf is very special item which will help you in everyday life with its endless benefits. Here are some of them:

1.who want to get married quickly.

2. For those who apply for jobs, want to get promoted.

3. for those who sell.

4. For vehicles so that the blessing is safe.

5.For people who want to demand goodness, so that they are kept away from acts of sin and things that are not desired

6. To be prevented from all diseases.

7. To gain healings, medicines, health, mercy, strengths, against liver disease, stress, sickness of mind, confusion, bad luck.

8. To be granted the request by superior people.

The size of the scarf is 31 cm /19 cm.

The price of this unique item is 35 usd.

Taweez multipurpose scarf

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