Wall taweez for blessings

This handmade wall taweez for blessings is made in certain time in the arabic month so to best benefit its owner. Certain prayers were chanted on it to empower it.

It is perfect for your home, shop or workplace. The two beautiful Allah name – Basit ( the preserver) and Fatah ( the opener) are inscribed with their numerological value. Also the great Nade Ali dua is written on it to strenghten the powerful effect of the taweez.

The great name Basit will provide you and your home with health, increasing of income (rizk) and luck. You will be honoured and respected by all people in the society.The people will be favorable with you and always ready to help you. You will gain wisdom and secret knowledge. You will be protected from any troubles and you will live peaceful life.

The great name Fatah is the one who solves all kinds of difficulties and problems, the one who opens the door wide and gives material and spiritual blessings from unknown places. Every work will be successful and you will make a big profit from everything in which you are involved – this is also great for every kind of trade business – you will gain more and more customers. A door to higher positions will be open.

And the Nade Ali dua will help you against any difficulties, evil spirits and bad eyes, for success, for removing of povery and wealth, for taking over opponents,etc. This is really remarkable taweez for everyone who have big ideas for his life!

The size of this wall taweez is 30×21 cm.

It`s price is 140 US dollars including worldwide shipping!


Wall taweez for blessings

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