Wall taweez for protection

This handmade wall taweez for protection is made in certain time in the arabic month so to best benefit its owner. Certain prayers were chanted on it to empower it.

It is perfect for your home, shop or workplace. The beautiful Allah name – Hafiz ( the preserver) is inscribed with its numerological value.Also the great Nade Ali dua is written on it to strenghten the powerful effect of the taweez.

With this unique item you and your place will be protected against accidents, damage, harm, theft and evil. You will be protected from wild animals, killers, robbers, liars, crooks. Your goods will be always in safe arround this taweez -jewelry, money saved, gold, securities…

And the Nade Ali dua will help you against any difficulties, evil spirits and bad eyes, for success, for removing of povery and wealth, for taking over opponents,etc.

The size of this wall taweez is 30×21 cm.

It`s price is 100 US dollars including worldwide shipping!

Wall taweez for protection

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