Ring with jinn king Al-Ahmar

Al-Ahmar – the red king – is the lord of the red planet, Mars. This jinn king is one of the most powerful jinns in the world. It is called also – the blind lord, because of his extreme violence and because in his rage he strikes without regard. He is ruler of the Qarins, the jinn counterpart and companion that each human is assigned.

Because of all this – he gets along very well with all people. So while you are wearing the ring – nothing bad will happen to you.He will protect you at any costs in any dangerous situations. You will gain fully support from a jinn king! And its best feature is that if you have enemy of any kind – the rage of this fearless jinn will follow him and only Allah S.A.T. can save your enemy from the king`s wrath.

This is very precious ring and very dangerous for enemies and its owner has to be very careful while wearing it, because in his anger Al-Ahmar becomes blind!

It`s price is 220 US dollars including worldwide shipping!



Ring with jinn king Al-Ahmar
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